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When you want to do business in the Netherlands by E-commerce is very easy. You make a descent webshop with a payment link and people will buy from you. But there is one issue that you have to keep in mind and this is the VAT treshold (BTW in the Netherlands). When you exceed the VAT treshold in the Netherlands you are obliged to apply for a VAT number in the Netherlands (BTW nummer). You have to look in the search engines for VAT registration Netherlands. At a certain moment you will receive a bleu envelop and then you finaly have your ‘BTW nummer’. It sounds easy but you have to do a lot paperwork. The question is are you gonna do the Application yourself or are you gonna hire an expert? When you want to outsource there is only one organisation in Europe that can help you at a reasonable price. In the VAT hub at the heart of Europe you will find RM Boulanger (RMB). Al the experts are concentrated in the hub so al the knowledge is at one hand.

Your advantage is that when you have concoured one country it is very easy to step into another country. RM Boulanger can help you to do al the applications in al the 28 European member states and manage the paperwork once you have received your VAT number. Also when you want to go into Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. RM Boulanger can be your partner to help you avoiding penalties for not reporting in time.

Each year the VAT law is changing and this is also for the VAT tresholds. To be updated al the time you need to have your internal expert. But this is ussualy to expensive for smaller companies and even for the bigger companies it is cheaper to outsource al the work about administration and reporting. Working together with RM Boulanger means that you just have to dail the national number in the UK and you will be connected to your contact person. This is also the person that can help you to step into another country when it comes to VAT reporting. RM Boulanger is into the VAT consultancy over more then 30 years. So there is a lot of experience and expertise in the organisation. So if you are looking for a company that can help you, then you should First talk with RM Boulanger (RMB).

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