Intrastat brings a lot of administration

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Have you ever heard about intrastat? In the past the countries where only interested to know how much was imported and exported. They still are, but Europe also wants to know about the figures and see the bigger picture. Each country of the 28 European Member States need statistics about the cross border trade. There is a difference between the trade within the EU and outside the EU. When it movement of goods in the EU we speak about intrastat. And to other countries is called extrastat. The intrastat information has to be transfered to Eurostat. The statistics bureau of the EU. The EU uses the information to make plans for the future based on the figures. In the past (till 1993) the information was collected by the bureaus of customs in each country. Because there are no more internal borders the customs do not receive the intrastat information. Depending on the amount of trade you are obliged or not to deliver information to the ‘local’ government. Every year the treshold for reporting is evaluated by the EU. In each country a different bureau of collecting is responsable. For example in The Netherlands it is called the CBS and in the Belgium the Nationale Bank. They report yearly about trade in general.

As a company it is depending where you are based and what your value of trade is. For most of the companies it is to complex to go after al the information and they prefer to hire consultancy. But when you sell to consumers it is even more complex, because you also have the VAT-treshold. To avoid problems it is important that you hire a specialist that can help you to do the applications and reporting. Centralised in Europe there is an organisation that is growing because the are independend. They are connect to an accountants company. You can have your own accountant and cooperate for the Intrastat matters with RM Boulanger. RM Boulanger is the largest independence service provider when it comes to issues like cross border vat, fiscal representation and eori numbers. Also when you are expanding in Europe it is convinient that you have a business partner that already knows your company and the business that you are in. It is your contactperson that can arrange al the paperwork to apply for a local VAT-number in each country. Because of this your company can save a lot of money, energy and frustration…