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GC Biotech accessories

In GC Biotech’s webshop a lot of high quality accessories are provided for professional researchers. If you need special isolation of certain molecules you can use Bione’s nucleic acid isolation kit for extraction of bio-molecular particles and compounds. In these same line one can find nucleotides for experiments, prepared PCR enzymes and mixes for creating certain reactions. In the shop GC Biotech also offers tools and materials for research on epigenetics. Cloning is also an option and various other useful kits are provided such as NGS Library Preparation which is the next-generation method for DNA processing giving a very high yield.

High quality devices

Besides materials, reagents and the like our GC Biotech als offers high quality devices that can use the solutions and prepared mixes. There are machines that can keep a check on the quality control. When transfering liquid things can go wrong. The BioNex BeeSure can verify if a vial, vessel or other container holds the right amount of liquid. It can check wether or not there is a blockage in the tip of the pipetting machine or if the dispensing system is faulty. There is other high quality lab equipment to chose from such as the automated centrifuge, Nanodrop II system, TaskCell Workstation platform, laser engravers and similar tools that can aid in scientific research in the field of pharmaceutics and biochemistry.

The perfect accessories

GC Biotech has many accessories that can help a researcher out with suitable products that can produce accurate results. You don’t want to waste resources, energy and time because in the analytical procedure poor quality items were used. Get good results view our shop and choose the perfect accessories from very respected biotechnological companies. You can find in GC Biotech’s shop buffers in different colours such as red and blue, but also ones which are colourless. One can buy special agarose tablets without certain ingredients and a lot of other solutions.