5 Reasons to follow NBA Live Mobile

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NBA Live Mobile players stay up to date with news, special events, programs and challenges by following the game’s official social networks accounts.

Program announcements. NBA Live Mobile hosts programs and events that offer the chance to obtain special players and items. The program is usually announced a few days before it begins on Twitter and Facebook. Players are also notified in game but more details about the program’s rewards are posted on social networks, Facebook and Twitter. On both networks, NBA Live Mobile can be found by searching for EA Sports NBA Live. Make sure to follow the official page that has a little blue marker next to its name. There are also fan made profiles.

Live events. NBA Live Mobile live events are available all day long. Once in a while there are events that reward special items like collectibles. When such an event is available, it’s announced on Twitter and Facebook.

Special Challenges. Events where players have to take part in special challenges are available as well. Such an event was #BeatUberYT where players had to complete the skills challenge in less than 13 seconds to beat UberYouTuber’s time. He is a well known EA Sports fan with lots of followers. Players that manage to beat his time got their achievement retweeted on the official NBA Live Mobile Twitter page. Special challenges also come with a giveaway or other prizes.

Sets announcements. Not all sets are a permanent addition to the game. Some of them like the Spring Dennis Rodman set can only be completed during a limited period of time. When such a set is available, players can find out about it from social networks.

Team of the Week announcements. This is an NBA Live Mobile feature that selects a few players each week based on their performance in real NBA matches. Players can acquire their cards in game and use them for their teams. Special Team of the Week players can also be found in packs but only for a short while. This is also announced with a tweet or a Facebook post.  Besides the information you need to know for your playing, the nba live mobile coins you also needed, which can help you to have a stronger team, and to beat other teams easily.